Since 1993 groups of concerned citizens have worked with SOS, SOS4EVER, and now with SOSS2 to insure the welfare of Big Sarasota Pass, Big Sarasota Shoal and the beaches these two bodies nourish: the North Siesta Key Beaches and Crescent Beach. This entire system comprises the Siesta Key Closed Littoral Cell. (SKCLC) which stretches from the entrance of Big Sarasota Pass down to the Point of Rocks.


This complex closed natural system has for decades transferred sand down the shoal, continuously circulating sand from the shoal onto Crescent Beach. The shoal protects the beaches it nourishes from wave impact. This delicately balanced system must not be disturbed at any point if it is to remain successful. And it is because of this system Crescent Beach continues to accrete, while other beaches in Sarasota County tend to erode.


Coastal geologists have said that the exact mechanism of the SKCLC is not understood but it accrues to the benefit of Siesta Key. While we understand the need for the Sarasota County and Sarasota City to find a workable solution to erosion on other beaches, we are very concerned that the proposal to take sand from the Sarasota Big Pass shoal will have unintended consequences.


Since there has never been a study of the SKCLC, we propose that such a study be undertaken by a panel of independent coastal engineers before any action is taken that could make this study impossible. I have signed this petition to insure that SOSS2 is a part of the selection process for the independent coastal engineers to insure this study of the Siesta Key Closed Littoral Cell is performed. I want to state my opposition to any plan to remove sand from Sarasota Big Pass Shoal that could affect the integrity of the shoal.


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