SOSS2, Inc., needs your help.


Help us preserve navigation in Big Pass and protect Siesta Key beaches, businesses and residents' property from the northern end of the key to Point of Rocks.

You can make your tax deductible donation in two different ways:

Make your check out to SOSS2, Inc. (a 501(c)3 corporation) and send to:

SOSS2, Inc.
5300 Ocean Blvd. STE 201
Sarasota FL 34242


Please include your email address with your check so we can acknowledge your contribution for tax purposes. Also if your phone # is not on your check, please include that as well.  

If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate your request with your check.

You can also make a tax free donation via secure Paypal donation on your Visa, Mastercard or American Express cards. There are some major contribution categories listed below but lesser donations of $200, $100 and even $50 will go toward reaching our goal of raising an additional $100,000 to pay for our expert witnesses. (During the State case where we paid for all the expert witnesses, the cost was $78,684).






Thanks to our Donors!

Donors of $20.00 or more are listed on our website unless you prefer to be listed as anonymous. You can reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 941-952-7000.


 RULERS $50,000 and above.      


 Gulf & Bay Condominiums


ARCHANGELS - $40,000 - $49,999 

 ANON 20




Boaters' Coalition

Advocates for Boaters with members ranging from

Clearwater to Marco Island




  ANGELS - $30,000 - $39,999 


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Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce


 BENEFACTOR LEVEL  - $20,000-29,999




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 PALLADIUM  SPONSORS - Donation Level: $10,000-19,999           


Sandy Hook Association



Terrace East Condominium Association








   ANON 27

 PLATINUM SPONSORS - Donation Level: $5,000 -9,999     




August Donor Advised Fund & Anonymous Fund & Linda's Blessing Fund



Siesta Towers





Beach Terrace










Donation Level: $2,500-4,999

Laurence Brady;  Anon 14;   Peter & Nancy van Roekens; Anon 4; Michael Holderness; Siesta Key Beachside Villas; Anon 22; Dan Watnem; Excelsior Condominium; Bill Paxon & Susan Molinari; Liz Harper; Stephen Lexow, MD; Ralph & Cherie Gorenstein Charitable Foundation in honor of Mike Day; Merrill & Bernette Hoyt; Frank & Gail Jurenka; Denny & Wendy Madden;  Ralph & Karen Basile; Dan & Cheryl Shubert; Mark H Smith; Smith Architects PA; Anne Overbeck in memory of Jim Overbeck; Rae Spicer;






Donation Level: $1,000-2,499

Crescent Towers; Midnight Cove Realty; Midnight Cove Association; O'Reilly & Wooten Families; Gulf Haven; Steven & Jane Blue; Pat Taylor; White Sands Cabana;  Don & Diana Greer; Siesta Gulf View;    Steve & Diane Lambert; Neil Defeo;  John & Pamela Glass;   Chris Brown & Mike Granthon;   Wendall Jacobsen & Beach Bazaar; Dick & Bonita Landis;  Gary Gruber; Charlie Ann & Jim Syprett;  Phil Couture; Laurence Saslaw;  Anne Essner; LSPOA; Paige Hartmann & The INN on Siesta Key;  Jeff & Mary Lynn Bernacchi;  Crescent Arms Condominium;   Gerard & Jeanne Ezcurra; Donald & Anna Kennedy;   Cary Cloud; Mike & Fran St. Clair in memory of Mere St. Clair;  Rosalie Wooten; Mary Miller in memory of Joanne Bisbee;  Rob Patten; Roger & Arlene Esslinger; Jim Lampl; Don Porter; Rick Munroe & Sun Garden Cafe;   John & Josie Watson; Greg & Darlene Kosin; John Maypole; Suzy Assaad; Diana Kahlenberg;  Anon 17; Helen Ruth Duersch; John-Erik Karlsen; Charles Kerr & Gudrun Rice; Bonnie & Edward Fogarty; Chris & Carolyn Kofler; Linda & John DeMeo;Vern Johnson in memory of Joan R. W. Johnson; Gert & Diane Erne; Rodney Linford; Janice Marie; DK Nowak-Vanderhoef; Jill Brooks; Robert  & Robyn Wagoner; Sid & Maryann Whitman;






Donation Level: $500-999 

Thomas & Una Kohl;  Joanne Bisbee; Ron & Phyllis McSwain; Donald Katz;  William Simmons;  Dade & Julie Lunsford;  Siesta Sands; Keith & Linda Monda; Marlene Buckler; Dan Ruscitto; Anon 1;  Edward & Donna Jordan; Palm Bay Club;  Thomas Terhorst;  S Carolyn Burkhart; Michael & Lana Ashley;  John & Nancy Hevey; Sara Burkhart;  Steve & Diane Lambert; John & Rita Davidson;    The Steinwachs Family Foundation; Janet Duke;     K.P. & Rukmini Ganeshappa;  Edith Downes; The Village Cafe;  Bryan & Nancy Wiger; Beachaven Association; Carolyn Pruyne; Linda Ernst;  Wineland Family LLC; Robert & Helen Wineland; Janet & Benedict Di Giulio; Anon 15; Andy & Karilyn Lytle;  Rick & Anne White; Syd & Alice Krawczyk; Laird Boulden; Edith Downes; David Galloway;  Dr. Stuart Gray; Marjorie A. Jacobson;  Jeffrey Rowe; Gabriel & Valerie Schmergel;  Charlotte & Kenneth Sizemore; Arlene & Dennis Pinkos; Rick & Donna Silvestri; Kelsey Weddell & William & Sharon Malone; Don & Nancy Payzant; Don & Karen Pallies;  Timothy Mooney; Teresa McGrath;  Dr. & Mrs. Ware; William & Virginia Zimmer; Paul Sloan; ANON 23; Rita Hutchins; Tom & Jen O'Donnell; Drs. Amir & Lisa Arbisser; Leon & Marysue Wechsler; Anon 3; Chris Small; Barbara & Jonathan Shagrin; David & Kathleen Gillmore;  Priscilla S. Knapp; Ricki Arnold in memory of Jody & Bill Snyder; Malcolm Lazin;  Anon 6; Anon 12; Marlene Whiting in honor/memory of Dr. Edwin F. Whiting; Ellen Michelson;  Erika & Bill Bondy; John & Theresa Shanahan; Bill Finlay; Penny Wagstaff;




Donation Level: $250-499

Paul Oversmith & Margaret Churchill; Mary Keels;Kirk & Rae Malcolm; William & Donna Trimble; Jane & Jeff Johnson; Dino & Karen Oliva;  Nancy Hunt Swezey; T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving via The Harold & Judy Ashby Charitable Gift Fund; Robert White;  Palm Bay Club; Jonathan Barnett; Donald & Pat Moberg;  The Pointe; John Girotto;  Tom & Nancy Coyne; Sarasota Surf & Racquet Club; Gary &  Rae Spicer; Rob McDaniel;    Aledia Tush; Stuart Gray; Don Payzant; Laird Boulden;   Kirby Pehoski; Norman & Sylvia Samet;  Sandra Ripberger; Ruth Duersch;    Anon 10; Dave & Vicki Drown; Arthur Zohlman;  Peter Wolff in memory of Rick Frignoca;  Barry & Ellie Faber; Cheryl Smith in memory of Lawrence Lemke;    Judy Wolff in memory of Rick Frignoca;  Shawn Horne; Kenneth & Lana Andre; Kelly & Greg Mudry; Marlene Whiting in memory of Dr. Edwin F. Whiting; Chris & Carolyn Kofler; Nedra Farwell;  Ed Aroyan; Renee Chase; Jeffrey Olsen; Carl Black in memory of Rick Frignoca; Henry Mason; Marilyn Black in memory of Rick Frignoca; Jeanne English; Michael & Laurene Pellegrini; Karen Johnston; Ned Phipps; Rich Cunningham;  Marla Johnson;  Ellen Pullman; James & Karla Ritter; Tina Johns; Gerard Przybylski; Kathryn Cunningham;  Salim Kaka; Bill Hough; Jack Michelson; Bruce Klein; Tiffany Sands;  Tom & Jenny O'Donnell; John Ross;Leo & Anna-Maria Henckel;  David N Patton; Jim Santagata; Carl & Leatha Terwilliger;   Pat & Barbara DeMarchi; Raymond & Sandra Evenson;   Brock & Lisa Colley; James & Cindy Kaiser; Carolyn Chisenhall; Cary Cloud;  Robert & Carol Passaneau; Brad Sanders; Gerald & Karen Przybylski; Mark & Connie Guess; Gerry Repple & Darryl Fry;  John Sossi; Diane & Stan Schaefer; Marsha Tucker; Thompson Children Trust; Karen Pridgen; Mark & Amy Thompson;     Thomas & Jenny O'Donnell; W Anthony Wiles; Martha Smith; John Spoeri;  Joan LaStrange; Jack & Joyce Rentschler;  Andrew & Elaine Green; Richard Friedman; William Buckingham; Melissa Kaplan; Thomas Moxley;  Jacqueline Pattison Ekgren; John & Pamela Glass; Doug Griffin; Lea Gorman;  Paul & Juleen Henderson;W. Patrick & Beverly Stull in honor/memory of 1950; Dan & Pat McCarthy; Howard Weisbart; Jono Miller in honor/memory of Big Pass Shoal; John & Barb Phair; Jessica Selasky; Judilee Sterne; Gerald & Kay Paquette; Maria L. Melguizo in memory of Jorge Melguizo; Marie Williamson; Lenora & Virginia Beichler; Philip C. Moudy; Robert Marovich; Dave Thomas; William Swarthout; Norma Pullman; Gerard Wagner; Linda Davis; Brien Holehouse; Linda & Bill Irish;   Doug & Paula Griffin;  Drs. Amir & Lisa Arbisser; Bonnie Garvey; Caroline & Vicent Andrus; John & Judith Hunter; Bob & Bonnie Spark; Anon 25; Ann Frescura;







Donation Level:   $100-249

Alexis Bellovich; Tony Romanus;  Edward Lovejay;    Ivar & Ingeborg Sorensen; Alicia Knust;  Mr. MacDonald; Suzanne Basile; Helen Hurst; David Hyde;   Carolyn Pruyne; Robert & Georgianna Biddle; Anthony & Rosemarie Abbate; Bob & Carol Reid; Steve & Amanda Veigh; Andrew & Kim Tyack; Ned Phipps; Robert Rowe; Jack Michelson; Toby & Cheryl Kinerk;  Benedict & Janet Di Guilio; Fred Bassinger;  William & Majorie Craft; Richard Murray; John & Clara Woellner; Lisa Peters;  William Buckingham; Dorothy Watt Williams; Maureen August; Merrill & Bernette Hoyt; Truman & Joyce Vannatta; Albert & Martha Smith; Mary Jane Clark; Albert & Martha Smith; John Miller;   Florence Collins; John-Erik Karlsen; R. Beverley Deterding; Pat Wingo; William Hough; Rosemarie Halloran; Steve Katz; Sharon Rivera; Joel Fried; William & Barbara McElwain; Diana Kahlenberg; Janet Hackett; Dean & Mary Ellen Eslien; Marie Adams; John & Donna Heinzl; Pauline Cerino; Cameron Cox; Scott Tingley;  Ted & Mickey Jacobs; Leo & Betty Dunn; John & Carol Adornetto; General Timothy Haake;  Tina Johns; Russ & Rhoda Horton; Mark & Debbie Wheeler;Tami Fohr; Sandy Deboo; Siesta Gulf View;   Darlene Hauser; Kristin Mattson;  Alix Morin;  Paul Parr; Siesta Sunset Royale; Donna & David Grimmer; John & Claire Dimsdale; Norma Stilwell; Sandy Cove; Linda Wallin; Andrew Green; Bob & Debra Furlong; Nancy DeLong; Arthur Zohlman;  Lois Bates; Frank Northrup; Chet Wanvig; Lenna Kirby; Elizabeth Siegfried; John Fay; Jeffri Durrance in memory of Peggy Jean Brown;  McNally Limited; Lee Elliot;  Bryan & Nancy Wiger;   Elizabeth Siegfried; Ann Michalek;  Eric Schurr; Jamaica Royale; Elliott Sauertieg; Marianne Vesprani;  Elizabeth Scheben; Donna & Jim Dunne; Franceen Heimerl; Brenda Johnston;  Philip Moudy; Jean H Duffett; William & Catherine Hohlstein; Azar Kardan; Don & Irene Willson; Micki Smith;  Earl & Holly Winebrenner;   Tom & Jan Wiggers; Anon 18; Kimberli Chance;  Georgeana Vetro; Marie & Thomas McNamara; Dr. Robert Folman;  Anon 19; Carol & Anthony Senft; L.A. Miller; Mark & Jackie Singel; Pamela & Justin Lincoln; Dan & Pat McCarthy;  Kathie O May; Theodore Rachlin; Frances & Edward Stanwood;  Julia Abrams & Ashley Israel; Richard Doretti;  Lourdes Ramirez; Thomas McComb; Jean-Pierre Suys; Dean & Flo Strief; Suella & Scott Bowman; Joan & Ronald McDonald;  Nancy McAlister; HL & Marilyn Vanvarick; Florence Innes; Anne Miller;  Judith Gayheart; Alan Plempel; Vivian & Gerald Laschinski; Betsie Danner; Frank & Cynthia Lauciello;  Arthur & Marie Berarducci;   Debbie Szczesny; Mary Smarelli & John Doherty;  Michaell Bille; Averill Babson; Wayne Bryant in memory of Cecil Spicer; John Black; Maureen Buchanan in honor/memory of Jeffrey C. Howe; Steven Cavanaugh; Jean Craig; Kathleen Daniel in honor/memory of 1957; Laura Deily in honor/memory of Maggie & Hugh Newsom; Daniel DeMarco; Pamela Huang; Robert Marovich; Christine Enger in memory of Valerie Hadley Riegel; Chris & Kathy Elliott; Roger Esslinger;  Mehdi Ghaheri in honor/memory of Dr. Mehdi Ghaheri; Nancy Gold; Harry Watkins in honor/memory of Dutch & Frances Watkins; Laura Haas;  Patricia Heyman; James & Barbara Hirchak;  William & Catherine Hohlstein; Helene Hyland in memory of Richard Irving; Pamela Huang; Ingrid McNally; Heidi Kreiner-Ley; Randy & Erin Kreis; Gary & Renee LeDonne;  Bob Spicer; Joseph & Patricia Reilly in honor/memory of Rosie; Marie McNamara; Michele Booth; Pamela Murchison in honor/memory of Scott Murchison; Patricia Tassone; Paul Sletten; Annette Ruocco in memory of Ralph A. Ruocco, Sr.; Mehdra Sahba; Sharon Malone; Theresa Shanahan; Kenneth Milleer;  Richard & Marie Weaver; William Malone; John Shanahan; Alfred Bargar; Kathy Wanta; Lynn Hock; Victoria Vaudrey; Douglas Lynn; Michael Guernier; Carol Roselyn Gonzalez; John & Judith Hunter; D'Arlene Llewellyn; David Patterson; Susan Saltalamacchia; Anon 24; Tivoli by the Sea; Diana Heymann; Lauren Kohl; Richard Goldstein; Lorna Nagler; Anon 8;



Donation Level:   $20-99

Brian Gottfried; Dan Bernard; Charlie Clifton; Robert Byrnes; John & Laura Proctor; Robert Rowe; Robert Passaneau; Gerald Przybylski;  Harold & Jane Holbrook;  Kim McCarty; Harry & Marla Watkins;  Phillip & April Doughty;   Lois Flavin; Vesna Petrovich; Richard Human; Victoria Schmidt; Richard Light; Vern Gardner;  Bob & Elaine Rumana; Jill Davis; Patricia Hill; Daniel Weiner; Marianne Vesprani; Kathleen Wanta; Susan Shroder; Michael & Vincetta Nestor; Patty Bjelland; Donna Chappel; Adriana Ezcurra; Hugh Yaeger; Joy Miskovetz; Robert & Carol Passaneau; Douglas Bem;   Anon 8;  Karen Majeske;   Mary Lou Loughlin; Abra Wilder; Cathy Thompson; Ralph Reade; Barbara Schilling;  Larry Paul Wright;John Hughes in memory of Rich Fanning; Amy Stipancich; David Lindahl; Rich Schineller in memory of Richard J. Schineller;     Pavel Hillel;  Pat & Charlie Elia; Laurie Aberg; Jack Nieds; Mike Edelstein; Carolyn McLoughlan;  Gary Boehk; Carissa Say; Jennifer Calabrese;  James Kneeland; Jutta & Legrand Burt; Paul Hyatt; Florence Collins; Richard & Diana Daffner; Paul Sletten; Beth Bickley; Beth Hirshberg; Jason Boehk in memory of Dorothy Boehk; Margaret Cannon; David Kwarta; Nikki Logan Curran; Bob & Eileen Parkinson; Ronald Salgado; Lori Taylor; Anon 9;  Adam Guttridge; Tobias Hirshman; Robert & Monica Shattuck; J Creighton Drury; Robert Antonelli; John Skalet; Don Hagen;

























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